Our Travel Plans!

Kia ora!

Thanks for joining us! We are heading overseas and starting this blog to keep everyone up to date on our adventures, give us somewhere to post our best photos, and keep a record of the tasiest food we eat along the way. Here’s hoping we may be convince someone to join us for a leg of the trip!

Our mission statement: Spend the money we would have put on a mortgage on travelling, adventures, and exotic food

Here is a rough rundown of our destinations: 

  • Vietnam- starting mid March (3 weeks)
  • China- 3 weeks
  • Mongolia- 1 week
  • Russia – 4 weeks
  • Turkmenistan – 5 days
  • Uzbekistan –1 week
  • Tajikistan – 1.5 weeks
  • Kyrgyzstan – 4 weeks
  • Kazakhstan- 14th June- 21st June (1 week)
  • Iran- 21st June- 4th August
  • Budapest for music festival 4-11 August
  • Georgia 11-18th August
  • Turkey– approximately 4 weeks
  • England- 2 weeks

Fly to Mexico Start of October

  • Mexico (4 weeks)
  • Guatemala 
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador

Heading back to NZ in December

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