Moscow (Trans-siberian)

You truely Moscow to Moscow!

Moscow is the financial and political center of Russia and the countries formerly comprising the Soviet Union. It has a population of around 13 million, one-tenth of all Russian citizens live in the Moscow metropolitan area. Moscow is the second most populous city in Europe, after Istanbul. We explored Moscow on a walking tour and solo as well during our time. We found the food was significantly more expensive here than it had been so far in Russia, luckily we discovered a kebab shop not far from our hostel which was so delicious we went back several times and I left a tripadvisor review! So TASTY!

These kebabs were the highlight of our Russian cuisine experience~
It did not take long until we bumped into Stalin on the street
Chris enjoyed the look of one of the seven sisters (the building in the background, not a lady- I have googled this to make sure)
Absolutely loving exploring the kremlin!
We decided Moscow is the most beautiful at night

One of the highlights was going to a show- we watched Anna Karenina the musical. We opted for the cheapest seats because we are on a budget and didnt think we would understand much of it because it was all in Russian. We were lucky to find that the level of the theatre we were on was only half full and we got a perfect centre stage view for the equivalent of $10 NZD (we were very smug). The musical stage set was very hightech and the cast and costumes were amazing! We ended up having a really good time!

The second highlight was doing a tour of an old soviet underground bunker that was used during the cold war by Russian generals called bunker 42. The facility (located 65 meters underground) operated as an emergency Command Post Headquarters and long-range aviation communications. The Bunker 42 was fully equipped with everything needed for a nuclear attack: air recycling system, diesel generators, stocks of food, fuel, artesian wells to provide clean drinking water. Up to 3000 people could live and work there for 90 days without assistance from the outside world.

I got to follow the nuclear launch sequence, enter the number, turn the key, and press the big red button. Then watch on the screen as my nuclear weapon destroyed a large (?american) city into a mushroom cloud. Chris was concerned about the amount of smiling he saw during this.
At the underground bar and restaurant

Our final train would take us overnight to St Petersburg, our last stop in Russia…

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